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Operation Analytics:

Growing demand and an expanding base of suppliers and logistics solution providers have driven companies to continuously rethink their transport and logistics strategy. By adopting an analytics-driven approach to do so, businesses can achieve continuous improvements in fleet management and optimize routes to drive efficiency. With our comprehensive portfolio of operational big data analytics solutions, we empower clients to gain a winning edge by offering relevant insights on the performance of key operational areas such as fleet management, demand forecasting, inventory management, route optimization, and resource utilization.

What We Do

Supply Chain Analytics:

Demand Capacity Planning

Analyze dynamic demand patterns and improve forecasting capabilities with analytics-driven, advanced supply chain data analytics solutions. We help businesses automate demand and capacity planning and reduce process time .

  •  Demand Forecasting
  • Demand Process Automation
  • Capacity Planning Optimization
  • Resource Allocation Optimization
  • Production Allocation Optimization

Procurement and cost optimization

Improve visibility of supplier scorecards, supplier risks, and forecast costs of procurement in real-time. We help you identify material costs and landing costs. The insights we provide can be utilized for price negotiations and supplier switching/consolidation opportunities.

  • Purchase Order Flow Management
  • Supplier Optimization
  • Supplier Performance Scorecard and    Dashboard

Working capital management

Optimize working capital and boost bottom-line results Improve visibility of key-value KPIs such as turnover ratios, cost benchmarking, forecast vs. shipped discrepancies, average excess inventory, and inventory wastages. Simulate the cost to serve demand fluctuations to budget for variations.

  • Cost of Service Analysis
  • End-to-end Cost distribution dashboard
  • Optimization of Inventory in Transit

Inventory Optimization

Improve profitability, increase customer satisfaction levels, and free-up working capital that focus on inventory optimization and supply chain management. Stay competitive with end-to-end visibility, right from the sales forecast and demand planning stages to inventory availability and customer orders. Our expertise in logistics and supply chain management helps ensure product availability across a complex ecosystem of distributors and channels without inflating inventory.

  • CPM-based Inventory Risk in Logistics
  • Demand Variance-based Inventory Risk Analysis
  • Dynamic Order Staggering and Backorder Analysis
  • System dynamics-based Optimal Inventory Management

Purchase Order Flow Management

Leverage our analytics capabilities to analyze the lifecycle of purchase orders, right from the order creation stage to its closure. Route in-transit inventory based on the latest market conditions. Automatically reroute in-transit inventory to wherever it is needed the most.

  • Vendor Selection and Performance Analytics
  • Requisition Management
  • Order Workflow Management
  • Purchase Order Management
  • Compliance Analytics

Warehouse Optimization

Track inventory stocks that enter your warehouse and gain real-time insights on the position of your assets with the help of our supply chain analytics solutions. We help businesses in the immediate elimination of non-value-added activities and enable them to estimate potential savings with the help of our customized supply chain analytics dashboards. Evaluate warehouse operations and make strategic decisions to boost your profitability with our advanced supply chain solutions.

  • Productivity Analysis
  • Warehouse Management Solutions
  • Warehouse Strategy Review

Distribution and Freight Cost Optimization

Identify cost optimization opportunities in your distribution system in conjunction with simulated demand forecasts at a customer level using our demand and supply management solutions. Reduce and control HOS (hours of service), RPM (rate per mile), and TTD (Time to deliver) in case of demand fluctuations with the help of our routing and freight cost optimization solutions.

  • Pallet Optimization
  • Contingent Logistics Planning
  • 3PL Vendor Analysis
  • Rate per mile (RPM) and Hours of service (HOS) Optimization
  • Scenario-based Cost and Route Optimization

Supply Chain Network Optimization

We help businesses to understand the costs and constraints of their existing network and new facilities.

  • Upstream Cart Optimization
  • Upstream and Downstream Capacity Optimization
  • Cart and Container Replenishment Optimization
  • Network Planning Based on Time and Cost Reduction
  • Contingent Logistics Planning

Logistics Management

Our expertise in logistics management can you to save money, improve performance, and optimize supply chain performance. Maintain optimal inventory levels, organize the reverse flow of goods, and minimize freight cost with the help of our customizable supply chain analytics solutions.

  • Network Design and Optimization
  • Freight Analysis & Optimization
  • Load Planning
  • Fleet Performance Analytics
  • Distribution Centre Analytics
  • Reverse Logistics Analytics

Scheduling Optimization

Improve productivity and lower schedule costs than manual or rules-based methods Achieve consistent customer outcomes with higher schedule adherence, improved service levels, and resource utilization Manage work order more quickly and efficiently with our customized scheduling optimization solutions Improve the agility of your business operations and ensure your service operations conform to SLA’s

  • Critical Path Analysis
  • Heuristic Queue Allocation (HQA)
  • AI-based Schedule Optimization
  • Real-time Route Optimization

Sales Analytics

Sales and Operational Planning Analytics

Our sales analytics solutions is designed for fast, flexible, and complete sales planning and analytics. Deployable on cloud or in-store, our sales and operation planning dashboards maximize process efficiency by automating key business functions. Drive results for your sales organization with an integrated operational planning solution that delivers visibility and deep analytical power Simplify complex analytics and improve the communication of insights throughout your organization with our sales analytics solutions Leverage our sales analytics solutions to standardize sales forecasting and pipeline reporting for your entire organization so that everyone involved has a unified, real-time view

  • Sales Force Optimization
  • Sales Targeting and Segmentation
  • Sales Call Planning
  • Territory Alignment
  • Sales Funnel Analytics
  • Sales Force Attrition Analytics
  • Sales Force Design and Sizing
  • Territory Opportunity Identification
  • Clickstream Analytics

Sales Analysis and Forecasting

Leverage our sales analytics solutions to create more-accurate forecasts for each territory and from each account so that you can standardize your sales forecasting and pipeline reporting strategy. Measure and extract meaningful insights from data points by leveraging advanced algorithms such as expediential smoothing, linear regression, and holt-winters Gain visibility across the entire sales process and identify new opportunities to drive growth and profitability. Visualize and forecast the performance of all sales activities using interactive sales analytics dashboards

  • Sales Forecasting
  • Demand Forecasting

Sales Force Effectiveness

Longer sales cycles, a demanding customer base, and difficulties in driving sales initiatives reinforce the need for a competent sales force. With our help, clients can tackle such challenges and reach their goals to drive stronger top- and bottom-line results. Select and implement suitable sales force automation technologies to increase control levels, tracking, and effectiveness We can help you improve sales force effectiveness by designing performance metrics and reward systems to improve customer relationships Leveraging our sales analytics solutions can help you optimize your sales process for maximum customer value and sales performance

  • Sales Force KPI’s and Metrics
  • Sales Force Productivity
  • Incentive Compensation and Planning
  • Sales Funnel Analytics
  • Sales Channel Attribution Analytics

Trade Spend Analysis

The growing need to address misalignments between spending and overall sales performance has prompted retailers to implement trade spend analysis to gain insights into industry benchmarks and best practices. Our AI-powered sales analytics solutions help sales organizations to achieve higher, more profitable growth across all channels through accurate baseline predictions, effective pre- and post-event analysis, and full promotional calendar optimization. Integrate enriched, cleansed and harmonized data to optimize trade spend Our sales analytics solutions can help you thoroughly analyze trade spend elements and their return to apply corrective measures Use analytics to innovate and track trade spend performance and better serve consumer needs

  • Baseline Revenue Analysis
  • Trade Spend Analysis & Simulation
  • Promotional Effectiveness Analysis
  • Promotional Compliance Tracking & Analysis
  • Trade Spend Optimization

Product Price Analytics

Competitive Pricing Analysis

Track your competitors and compare prices faster than ever before with our advanced pricing analytics solutions. Leveraging our pricing analytics solutions can help you keep up with the speed and flexibility required to succeed in today’s competitive markets Gain a 360-degree view of your competitors’ strategies and compare product prices with ease Track and analyze your competitors’ pricing and promotional strategies more efficiently to grow revenue without depleting the bottom line

  • Competitor Price Benchmarking
  • Promotional Pricing Strategy
  • Price Visibility
  • Price Change Alert Automation

Price Point Optimization

Our pricing analytics solutions can help you identify quick-win opportunities to avoid price leakages and overcome challenges in optimum price selection. We drive growth by optimizing tradeoff between price, volume, and profit margins thus maximizing the productivity Leverage pricing analytics models to develop high impact pricing strategies Our pricing analytics solutions can help you devise the framework for optimizing your brand’s pricing strategy via comprehensive measurement designs that reveal pricing opportunities and risks

  • Price Elasticity Analysis
  • Discount Sensitivity Analysis
  • Price Gap Analysis
  • Cross-elasticity Modelling
  • Dynamic Pricing Optimization
  • Promotional Effectiveness Analysis
  • Perceived Value Analysis

Big Data Analytics

Big Data Analytics

The huge data volumes and the complexities associated with them make it a big challenge to comprehend the pieces of information and extract actionable insights. It is vital for businesses to leverage analytics to transform business operations and create new business models that provides continuous process improvements. Backed with powerful big data analytics tools, our big data analytics solutions can help you break data silos and unearth valuable insights to act upon.

  • Big Data Integration & Visualization
  • Big Data Integration & Insights
  • Executive Dashboards & Cockpits
  • Master Data Management & Metadata Repository
  • Multidimensional Data Aggregation
  • Real-time Reporting & KPI tracking
  • Data Quality Management
  • Data View Optimization

Manufacturing Analytics

It is observed that every process generates data but most of it is not really used for getting valuable insights. This holds true for all manufacturing processes irrespective of the industry. With our advanced big data analytics solutions, manufacturers can quickly integrate, analyze, and enrich data to gain decisive results in seconds. Take advantage of our big data analytics solutions to improve manufacturing process efficiency and centralize production monitoring Reduce manufacturing risks by integrating sensor data and production operations which will help to manage complex situations in business By integrating data from diverse systems which will extract deeper and valuable insights driving the productivity, profitability, and even create new sources of revenue

  • Capacity Planning
  • Capacity Schedule Optimization
  • Cost to serve optimization
  • Global Optimization of Manufacturing and Supply Chain
  • Predictive Maintenance
  • Maintenance Schedule Optimization
  • Line Efficiency Optimization
  • Material Requirement Plan Optimization
  • Manufacturing Process Parameter Optimization

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